Sour Cherries

Sour Cherries explores the themes of self-awareness and the quest for belonging.

Furthermore, overcoming the feeling of being left out and alone through a loving family environment. The story is narrated by the older son and it demonstrates; how to find and create emotional anchors to remember WHO one truly is; no matter how overwhelming life sometime gets. In addition, a way to create a strong foundation for a healthy and resilient character to deal with the emotional thunderstorms. Sour Cherries narrator sets a great example for readers to adapt and learn valuable skills from his story.

Illustration © 2023 Nan Cao

The Carpet

The Carpet is a loving story told to us by the older daughter and her emotional home.

The Carpet travels through different Social and emotional learning skills from a perspective of a child, such as responsible decision making, emotional intelligence, social skills and overall overcoming emotional challenges such as isolation, forced false-labels and stereotypes, displacement and loneliness with the strength she discovers within herself and in her own authentic voice. The Carpet sets a great example for readers to adapt and learn valuable skills from her story.

 Illustration © 2022 Nan Cao
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Meet Dezh

Dezh is an Afghan writer who’s been a refugee his whole life. He is a trilingual educator currently living in Germany. He speaks English, German, and his native Persian, which he’s taught to refugee children aged six to twelve years old. He’s also led seminars in German for teens and young adults on social change, race, and the climate crisis.

With a background in computer science, Dezh is passionate about sustainable technology. Introducing young people to the possibility of a more equitable worldview brings him great joy.

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Dezh’s story is one of resilience that inspires people, big and small, to overcome hardship with dignity and strength.

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